Easy Kids Science Experiments: Enjoy free easy science experiments at home.

Sidewalk Chalk

- Chemistry -

Make Sidewalk Chalk with Kids

Sidewalk chalk mixture Use the knowledge of chemistry to mix up a batch of your own sidewalk chalk.

Solar LED
Circuit Experiment

- Energy & Electricity -

Solar LED Circuit Project

Solar LED Circuit: See the step by step instructions to design and build a solar LED circuit.

Stringy Goo
Starch Experiment

- Chemistry -

Stringy Goo Experiment for Kids

Stringy Goo Mixture; Learn about starch while making some stringy, slimy goo.

How to Make
a Paper Airplane Glider

- Physics -

Make a Paper Airplane Glider

Paper Glider Experiment: Learn how to build a simple paper airplane glider.

Hot and Cold Water
Density Experiment

- Matter -

Hot and Cold Water Density Experiment

Hot and Cold Water Density: An experiment to compare the density of both hot and cold water.

How to Make an

- Energy & Electricity -

How to Make an Electromagnet

Electromagnet Experiment: See the step by step instructions to build an electromagnet powered by a battery.

Liquid Density

- Matter -

Liquid Density Experiment

Liquid Density Experiment: Compare the density of different types of liquids.

Penny Cola
Cleaner Experiment

- Chemistry -

Penny Cleaning with Cola Experiment

Penny Cleaning Experiment; use the knowledge of chemistry to clean pennies using cola.

Water Siphon

- Physics -

Water Siphon Experiment

Water Siphon Experiment; Demonstration to show the power of potential energy to make water move uphill.

Electrical Resistor

- Energy and Electricity -

Electrical Resistor Experiment

Electrical Resistor Experiment: Experiment to make an electrical resistor then test it with a multimeter.

Fire Science

- Chemistry -

Fire Science Experiment

Fire Science Experiment: This experiment proves that a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is supported by science.



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