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Science Gifts for Preschool Kids

The preschool age is a great time to get kids interested in science with cool science-related toys and scientific kits. Science toys for this age are likely to require some help from an adult, but they should contain safe materials for younger kids. Most sets are designed for kids 3 and older because of small parts. Review that manufacturer's recommended age to find out more.

Scientific Explorer My First Dinosaur Science Kit

Preschool kids love dinosaurs. This kit teaches kids about the science of paleontology. This scientific kit keeps kids interested and busy while they pretend to be paleontologists trying to discover dinosaur bones. The pretend dinosaur bones are coated in a soft "rock" material that kids can easily remove to uncover the hidden dinosaur bones.

Age 4+

Neat-Oh! ZipBin Dinosaur Medium Play Set

This toy dinosaur carrying case is one of the best selling toys for preschool kids. The case opens up to become a great dinosaur play mat. The set only comes with a few dinosaurs, but more can be easily purchased to go along with this quality dinosaur play set. It is a nice set to keep all their dinosaurs, take it on the go and set it up anywhere to play.

Age 3+

Stomp Rocket Jr

Every once in a while you find a truly great toy. The Stomp Rocket Jr. is one such toy. Not only is it a great educational toy, it is also extremely fun for any person 3 and over. Kids power the rocket by stomping on a foot pedal, which forces air to lauch the rocket into the sky. These rockets can reach a height of 100 feet, and even preschool kids are able to launch the rockets over 50 feet high.

Age 3+

Fascinations AntWorks Illuminated Blue

Let preschool kids learn how ants create habitat. New LED technology allows children to see the ants homes in better detail. The blue material is also their food so you can easily see the ants in action. Great for a classroom. Keep it stored in a place where kids cannot access it when not using the toy because the lid can be lifted up to allow the ants to get out.

Age 3+

Junior Genius Blast of Color Lab

When kids think of science, typically they think of using test tubes while trying to mix up a new concoction. The Junior Genius Color Lab set matches this type of science set perfectly. The set includes non-toxic tablets and supplies that allow kids to make safe, but fun mixtures in the provided test tubes.

Age 4+

Insect Lore Ladybug Land

Preschool kids are very interested in insects. The ladybug is one of the best insects to use to allow them to discover more about these tiny creatures, since most kids will have interest, even the kids who are scared of bugs. The Ladybug Land habitat gives parents or teachers a safe place to keep the ladybugs so kids can study them.

Age 4+

Insect Lore - Ladybug Lifecycle

These models from Insect Lore teach kids about the lifecycle of a ladybug. This set offers a good compliment to the Ladybug Land set, which provides a good place to keep live ladybugs. The lifecycle models help kids understand how the ladybugs develop so they can try to find ladybugs in various lifecycle stages.

Age 4+

Backyard Field Tools

The backyard field tools are designed for kids to use while exploring outdoors on their quest to discover nature. Use the tools to collect field samples or help investigate an outdoor site. The set has a nice connector that can connect to a belt look or metal clip. Great for little backyard scientists.

Age 4+

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