science gifts for kids

Science Gifts for 5 to 6 Year Old Kids

When kids reach elementary school, subjects like science offer interesting material to help them become more excited about school and learning to read. One of the keys to encourage kids to pursue knowledge is to spark their interest by providing some hands-on activities that are fun. Science gifts are very effective for this purpose.

Mind Blowing Science

A nice overall beginners set to help get kids introduced to science experiments. The experiments are simple, but are fun to see in action. This is a good set if you do not know what specialty area of science they are interested in learning about.

Age 5+

Backyard Field Tools

This gift provides kids with some tools to explore natural science around their house or while visiting a beach or park. Kids can use the tools to take samples or further investigate a site.

Age 4+

Dino Fossil Kit

Dinosaurs are very popular with 5 to 6 year old kids, particularly boys. This scientific kit teaches kids about the science of palaeontology by allowing kids to excavate dinosaur toys from the eggs.

Age 5+

Primary Science Set

Introduce kids to the world of chemistry with this easy to use scientific experimentation kit. This set is very well made, perfect for early elementary school age kids. It comes with a series of laminated cards that describe each experiment.

Age 5+

Kids Fossil Learning Game

Fossil On is a rock and fossil learning game for kids. This set features, not only a good sample of high-quality rocks, fossils and things like shark's teeth, but it is also a great game to help kids engage with their new rock collection. Kids will keep their interest with this set and love to tell people what they learned about their collection.

Age 6+

Straw Constructor STEM Building Kit

Creative freedom is allowed with this STEM building kit. The kit has over 300 pieces including plastic straws and connector pieces. A science museum we visited had a kit like this set up for guests to play with and the kids loved it so it was great we were able to find a set for home!

Age 3+

Magic School Bus - Human Body

This hands-on scientific kit from the very popular Magic School Bus series provides a great way to teach kids about how the human body works in a fun way. The set includes a life-size poster of the human body and activities to help kids learn about how it works.

Age 6+

Snap Circuits Beginner

The award-winning snap circuit line of electronics toys from Elenco offers kids with an easy way to learn about electronics without needing to use a hot soldering iron. The electronics components are simply snapped together like LEGO blocks to form a circuit. This set is the beginner set, which is recommended for kids 5 and up. Elenco also offers more sets with much more parts capable of building many more types of circuits so you can add components as you go like LEGOS.

Age 5+

ScienceWiz Inventions

This is one of the better science sets made by ScienceWiz. It offers good hands-on activities as kids can build a spinning electric motor, telegraph, radio and generator that powers a small light. These are all science experiments that you could go find the parts for, but the reasonable cost of the materials and instructions included with the Inventions set makes it a good buy for people looking for a good starting electronics science kit for a child.

Age 6+

The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab

This chemistry kit features over 50 experiments that focus on testing or making materials. The experiments each have a detailed description and a list of items needed to perform the experiment. For kids who like to help in the kitchen, this set offers a good segway to have them learn something about science. Great set for kids who like the Magic School Bus Series.

Age 5+

Stomp Rocket Jr.

Stomp Rockets Jr. is one of the coolest science toys available. They are air-propelled rockets that are powered by kids using the toy. As the name suggest, kids provide the air pressure needed to launch a rocket by stomping on a foot pad. They do not use any type of burning propulsion and they are completely re-usable, assuming the rockets are not damaged or lost during the launch or landing.

Age 6+

Dinosaur Digging Kit

Kids this age really enjoy finding out more about dinosaurs and love hands-on science kits. A good way for kids to have a hands-on experience with dinosaurs is a fossil digging kit. This dinosaur digging kit features toy palaeontology toys and "real" dinosaur fossils. The three fossils are a dinosaur tooth, dinosaur bone and petrified dinosaur poo. Kids get a kick out of the third fossil.

Age 6+

Kids Terrarium

This kids terraium set is simple. Add some water and watch it grow. Make sure there is sunlight of course. Kids love to be part of making something grow. This set has a variety of seeds and everything the water and sunlight. There are glow-in-the-dark stickers included for added fun.

Age 6+

IQ Builder STEM Learning Toys

This IQ Builder STEM set promotes planning and building creative sets with moving parts (wheels, joints, etc.). The set comes with sample designs with the includes eBooks.

Age 3+

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space

Age 5-6 is a great age to teach kids about space as they start to see the larger world around them and start to ask questions. This book will help them get ready for space subjects in school.

Age 4+

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