Imagination Station Toledo Ohio

Imagination Station Toledo, OH

Although the original COSI (Center of Science and Industry) hands-on museum was previously closed, the Imagination Station has now emerged at the same location in downtown Toledo, Ohio. The Imagination Station provides plenty of science learning opportunities in a very fun setting for pre-school kids through early teenagers. The waterfront location, next to the Wyndham Hotel, is a nice place to visit to see the sites and sounds of downtown Toledo and the Maumee River which leads to nearby Lake Erie. This museum is really a hidden gem, probably one of the top 10 science museums in the Midwest, particularly for the low admission cost. For less than the average price of a feature film, parents can take their kids to the Imagination Station for a day of entertainment and science knowledge.

Learn Science at the Inagination Station

Toledo Ohio Science Museum

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This science museum has a two-story indoor layout. Entry to the museum is made at the 2nd floor, near the museum's science gift shop. Access to the Imagination Station building is by doors on the southwest side from an elevator or stairs from street level or a pedestrian bridge across Summit Street. The museum can also be accessed from the City of Toledo underground tunnel system leading from the Seagate Center and the Wyndham Hotel next door.

The Imagination Station was definitely designed as a look and touch museum. Most of the displays are very interactive, while explaining the science or "how it works" to the guests. Here are some highlights of the museum.

High Wire Cycle

Experience riding a bike across a tight rope on the High Wire Cycle. That's right. Guests can ride a real bicycle across a rope above the 2nd Floor of the museum (about 20+ feet up) with no net below. The bicycle has been specially designed to have a very low center of gravity so it will not fall off the rope. This attraction is not for those with a fear of heights. Guests must be at least 54" to ride.

Energy Factory

The Energy Factory is sponsored by BP and First Solar. It contains interactive displays and games that help guests learn more about the science behind energy. The display include drilling for energy, solar energy production, magnetics, robotics. This section also includes the entrance to the museum's ride simulator. The simulator is a McFadden motion base ride system with a custom ride video which simulates a mountain car race.

Energy Factory Robot Arm

Little Kidspace

Imagination Station Little KidspaceThis area was designed for little ones. Kidspace features a tree house with pulleys, tunnels, stairs, and a slide. There is also a water play area called the Wet Lab where kids can experiment with water, a pretend grocery store, a pretend ambulance and hospital, a large building block area, and a pretend fire truck area where kids can put out a fire.

Imagination Wet Lab

Imagination Little Kidspace Wet Lab

Ambulence play area

Imagination Station Little Kidspace Play Hospital

Imagination Station Pretend Grocery

Imagination Station Pretend Grocery

Imagination Station Construction Zone

Imagination Station Construction Zone

Water Works

Imagination Station Water WorksThe Water Works area allows kids of all ages to explore with the sand and water tables, a hurricane chamber where guests can see what it is like to stand in a hurricane, air pressure displays, wind displays, and plenty of water displays. The large ship breaking through the side of the building makes a nice entry to this area.

Mind Zone

Pepper's ghost imageThis area contains many different displays that trick guests senses. From sight to sound to touch there are many things that will surprise you in this area. There are special holograms, a crooked house, a flash bulb room that records your shadow, sound effect and music rooms, Pepper's ghost trick, and other fun displays.

What's new in the Imagination Station?

For those who remember the arrangement of the old COSI science museum in Toledo, here are some of the differences with the new Imagination Station exhibits.

  • The Sports Science area on the lower floor was replaced with a new science experiment area which includes the Science Studio and Extreme Science Theatre, where there are hands-on activities and live science experiments are performed throughout the day.
  • The main featured science exhibit area on the 2nd floor is now a special ticketed area. Tickets can be purchased at admissions by non-members and discounted tickets are available for members of the museum.
  • The lower floor loop near the restaurant is the new Engineer It! Area sponsored by the local engineering company SSOE. This area previously contained temporary displays. A new earthquake design area, a paper airplane design studio, and other engineering design principles are demonstrated throughout the exhibit.
  • The Mind Zone on the lower floor has some new musical interactive things to do in some of the rooms on the left side and near the back. The old favorite displays like the black light area, kids dance area with shadows and the crooked house are still there.
  • Sadly, the racing team car challenge on the upper floor is gone. It has been replaced with a sports news broadcast experience called LIVE Report! sponsored by Buckeye Cablesystem. This is a nice experience that allows guests to become a sports anchor on the news and report local sporting events. It shows kids the science behind news broadcasting including using a green screen and use of a TelePrompTer. After guests record their report they can view the final broadcast on a TV monitor in the main museum area.


  • Location: Toledo, OH
  • Address: 1 Discovery Way, Toledo, OH 43604

  • Science Learned: Energy, physics, light, hydrology, engineering and robotics

  • Hours:

    (check schedule online for holidays)

    • Tuesday-Sat.: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
    • Sunday: Noon – 5:00 PM

  • Cost: See website to verify
    • Kids (13 and older): $9.00
    • Kids (3-12): $7.00
    • Seniors (65 and older): $8.00
    • Children 2 and under: Free

    • Memberships available for a reasonable cost

  • URL:

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