We carefully created our science videos to make learning science fun.

Shark Facts

- animated video about sharks -

Seahorse Facts

- interesting facts about seahorses -

Gravity Facts

- How does gravity effect our world? -

Physics Intro

- Intro to Statics and Dynamics -

Jellyfish Facts

- Learn all about jellyfish -

Facts about Water - H2O

- Water is a unique material -

Amazing Facts about Mammals

- Learn some amazing facts -

Hanauma Bay Snorkeling

- Follow us underwater! -

Animal Kingdom Gorillas

- Follow us to Animal Kingdom! -

Apple Tree Facts

- History and info of apple trees -

Amazing Facts about Reptiles

- Learn some amazing facts -

Chemistry Rap Song

- Rap some Chemistry -

Channel Promo

- Our sciencewithkids.com promo -

How Rare is a 4 Leaf Clover

- Shamrocks and Leprechauns! -

Air Pressure Experiment

- 3D Animated experiment video -

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