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Visiting the Buffalo Museum of Science

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The Buffalo Museum of Science offers science information and interactive science stations for kids. A recent visit to the Buffalo Museum of Science offered an unexpected, but good overall experience. The museum building is old and the location of the museum is in an older section of Buffalo, but the experience did not reflect the outward appearance of the museum. Inside, recently updated sections of the museum and on-going improvements make this museum a good place for families to take kids.

The new entrance to the Buffalo Museum of Science is on the side of the building. There is plenty of free parking near the door.

Entrance to the Buffalo Museum of Science

Free public parking is available on both sides of the museum. The front entrance of the building no longer used for the main entrance. Instead, the main entrance is now on the right side of the building (when facing the front of the museum, nearest to the expressway. This new entrance allows better access from parking and is used to accommodate handicap and special needs visitors. There is a separate ticket office outside. Tickets for museum entrance and movies are also available inside. Both locations sell tickets to the science movies and 3D science movies. Members and reciprocal guests (members from another participating science museum) received free admission and movie tickets for the reduced price between $1-$3 at the time of writing this review. Check the museums website to make sure they still have the same discount offer available before visiting.

Lower Level (First Floor)

The 3D science theater inside the Buffalo Museum of Science.

The science museum's 3D theater is located on the first floor. The theater is capable of showing both standard and 3D movies. The movies are reasonable priced and timed so it is possible to view more than one movie during a visit. This is the first science movie theater I have visited that sells popcorn and snacks that you can take to your seats, just like a real movie theater. The theater is one of the best places in the museum to take a break, but still learn something about science.

Also on the first floor is the area for younger visitors called "Explorations". This area is set up for preschool visitors to enjoy some hands-on play. Across the hall is the family care room, which is a good place to take care of babies.

The Buffalo Museum of Science has 3 floors above the first floor movie theater level. All of the floor are easily accessed by two sets of stairs or elevators, located in the movie theater lobby area.

Second Floor

Buffalo's Museum of Science has a classic hall with larger than life fossils.

The second floor was previously the main entrance where guests entered the building so it has the classic look of a science museum. In the large hall (Hamlin Hall) there are two large fossil skeletons of extinct creatures. There is Seymour the mastodon and Stanley the dinosaur. Off the end of the main hall is triceratops fossil dinosaur skeleton. Along the side of the main hall are smaller rooms containing natural history from the Western New York and Niagara areas. There are two updated rooms on the second floor including Explore You and the temporary exhibit space for new science displays.

The natural history exhibits are interesting, featuring biological history from New York's western basin. Animal displays including extinct mastodon, which were found in the western basin area are featured here.

The "Explore You" human body exhibit is new and features cool technology, games and facts about the body that kids really enjoy. This is a good exhibit to visit early in the day because there are a lot of interactive body exhibit and games here. It will take more time if there are lines for the stations.

One of several exhibit halls showcasing natural history from New York's Western Basin.

Stanley the dinosaur is found on the second floor of the museum.

Third Floor

The third floor contains some of the best hands-on science stations for kids at the Buffalo's Museum of Science.

The best floor in the Buffalo Museum of Science, in terms of hands-on science stations, is the third floor. The entire thirds floor appears recently updated. "Our Marvelous Earth" is a unique hands-on science area focusing in on earth science, weather, geology and alternative energy. The designers of this area used the local tie-in to Lake Erie and the Niagara River well in this section. There is a very nice relief map of the Western Basin showing how the water drains to Lake Erie and where Niagara Falls is located in this drainage pattern. Kids can design things to withstand an earthquake, experience a hurricane, explore a digital globe, try some building puzzles and much more in this area.

"Our Marvelous Earth" has a variety science activities that are fun for kids

One of the Science Workshops on the third floor of the museum

There are several science workshops on the third floor. The Terra/Firma, Sparks and Makeshift workshops all offer classes to explore science in greater detail. To join one of the classes check ahead by calling the science museum.

The new Nano room features information about nanotechnology and how it is used today. There is information and hands-on models for kids to explore here.

"In Motion" is another new hands-on science area in Buffalo's Museum of Science. In Motion focuses on simple machines and engineering. Kids can build and test pulleys, aerodynamics, a robotic transfer system, cars, flying things and more.

The new Nano Technology area in the Buffalo Museum of Science.

In-Motion is one of the new hands-on science areas designed for kids.

Forth Floor

The forth floor has science too. On this floor is the "Our Place In Space" area. Kids here can learn some things about astronomy and space. There is also a block building area on this floor. There is a free space video on one side of the floor that plays videos continuously. The museum also has an observatory on this floor that is available only for special events.

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