Facts about Reindeer

Facts about Reindeer (Caribou)

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facts about reindeer

Reindeer Facts

  • Reindeer are mammals.

  • Reindeer, also known as caribou, are a large type of deer.

  • Although reindeer are one of the largest types of deer, they are not the largest. The moose is the largest type of deer.

  • As expected, reindeer have antlers. In fact, both male and female reindeer have antlers.

  • Reindeer have velvet to help their antlers grow. Velvet is soft skin which feeds the antlers with its blood vessels.

  • Like most other mammals, reindeer are born live from their mother, not from an egg with a shell.

  • Reindeer are warm-blooded animals like all other mammals. Their body must maintain a constant temperature.

  • A reindeer has hair that is hallow. Their hallow hair helps provide insulation against extreme cold temperatures.

  • Reindeer have large hoofs. The size of their hoof helps them walk though thick snow like a snowshoe. Large hoofs also help the reindeer swim or dig though snow for food.

  • When a reindeer walks, it makes a clicking sound. This sound is from their tendon rubbing against bones in their foot.

  • Reindeer eat low-lying plants found on the ground or near the ground. Their food includes grass, leaves from some trees, mushrooms and lichens.

    Where do reindeer live?

  • Reindeer are found in the northern part of the Northern Hemisphere. Reindeer are found in northern parts of the United States, Canada, Greenland, Northern Europe and Asia.

  • There are two types of reindeer (caribou). Those considered barren-ground caribou, which live on arctic tundras and are fairly common. There are also Woodland caribou (reindeer), which are considered endangered. This type of reindeer lives in sub-arctic forests.

  • woodland reindeer

    Woodland reindeer.

  • Reindeer are found in herds. Scientists think they live in herds for protection.

  • Reindeer travel further than any other land animal each year. Reindeer migrate in the Spring to warmer areas so reindeer calves can be born. Once the calves are large enough to travel in the Fall, reindeer return back to cold areas during the coldest time of year.

  • herd of reindeer

    Herd of barren-ground reindeer.

  • Like moose, reindeer are very good swimmers who can cross waterways for food or during migration.

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