Facts about Dolphins

Facts about Dolphins

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There are 26 different species of dolphins in the world. The most well-known type of dolphin is the bottlenose dolphin. Dolphins and porpoises are different. Most dolphins (except the Risso's dolphin) have a beak (long nose). Dolphins, unlike porpoises, like to swim in schools. Find out more interesting facts about dolphins.

facts about dolphins

4 Playful Bottlenose Dolphins

Facts about Dolphins

  • Dolphins are warm-blooded mammals, not fish.

  • Dolphins must go to the water surface to breathe air.

  • Dolphins breathe through a blowhole on top their head, not from their mouth.

  • Dolphins only have one blowhole with strong muscles that seal the blowhole before it dives underwater.

  • Dolphins live in schools of up to 1000 dolphins.

  • Dolphins use the two flippers on the bottom of their bodies to steer. They use the fin on top their body for balance. Dolphins use their tale to propel themselves through the water.

  • Their powerful tale allows dolphins to jump out of the water.

  • Dolphins are curious and will approach people.

  • Many dolphins can hold their breath a long time.

  • Dolphins can dive under the water fairly deep to find food.

  • Dolphins are predators. They hunt and catch their food.

  • Dolphins are found in the oceans, in intercoastal or brackish waters. Some dolphins, like the river dolphin, are found in fresh water rivers.

dolphin facts

Dolphin using its tale to propel through the water

jumping dolphin

Dolphins jumping out of the water

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