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Facts about Moose

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moose facts

Learn some interesting moose facts.

Scientific Moose Facts

  • Moose are mammals. They are considered a type of mammal called an ungulates, which is a mammal with hooves.

  • Moose are a type of deer.

  • Moose live in North America including Canada and the Northern United States. Moose only live where it snows at least part of the year.

  • The largest moose live in Alaska and grow to a size of over 10 feet long (3.2 meters) and well over 1600 pounds (725 kg).

  • A similar type of moose known as the Eurasian elk live in Northern Europe.

  • Scientists estimate that the moose population is around 1,000,000. They are not considered endangered.

Interesting Facts about Moose

  • Moose are fast runners. They can run up to 35 mph.

  • Moose are good swimmers. Moose are known to swim of at a short distance speed up to 6 miles per hour and distances of up to 10 miles.

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  • Moose are tall. Some moose grow as large as 6 1/2 feet (about 2 meters) tall. This makes them the second tallest mammals (some people grow over 7 feet tall) in North America.

  • A moose coat contains hairs that are hollow in the center. Their hollow hairs provide insulation against the cold weather where they live.

  • Moose have large hooves which help them walk through the snow similar to snow shoes.

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  • Starting at the age of 1 year old male (bull) moose can grow antlers. Large moose can grow antlers up to 6 feet wide. Moose antlers grow in the summer and are shed in the winter.

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  • Moose use their antlers or kick their heels to protect themselves.

  • Even though moose can protect themselves very well, predators of the moose are grizzly bears and black bears. Wolves and cougars can also attack female or young moose. Hunters are probably the largest predator of moose. Moose who get trapped on ice have been known to be hunted by orca whales.

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    Grizzly bears are one of the few animals in nature, powerful enough to hunt full-grown moose.

  • Moose are dangerous to people, not by attack, but from car accidents. Moose are attracted to roadways for the same reason people are, because there is less snow, mud and vegetation to have to travel through. There are thousands of car accidents involving moose each year in Canada and Northern U.S. states. Some accidents result in injury or death.

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