Facts about Chalk

Facts about Chalk

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Dover Cliff chalk

Facts about Chalk

  • Chalk is a natural fine-grained limestone that was formed slowly as a deposit in water greater than 150 feet (50 meters) deep.

  • The fine-grain particles in natural chalk are typically the remains of tiny marine organisms.

  • Natural chalk is found throughout the world. Large chalk deposits are found in the Cliffs of Dover, the North Atlantic Ocean, Texas, the Gulf coast and the North Sea.

  • Chalk is used to make portland cement and lime for fertilizer or manufacturing. Natural chalk and manufactured chalk has been used since the 1800s in the classroom.

Other Uses for Chalk

  • Other uses for chalk include gymnasts, weight lifters, rock climbers and other athletes use chalk to keep their hands dry.

  • gymnast chalk

    Athletes use chalk to keep their hands dry.

  • Sports such as soccer, baseball, football and even tennis have used chalk to mark the sports fields or courts.

  • Chalk is used as an abasive in cleaners.

  • Chalk is used to raise the pH of soil.

  • Chalk is used by the police as a fingerprint powder to detect fingerprints.

  • Chalk was previously used in the classroom for chalk. Now calcium carbonate mixtures are used for classroom chalk instead of natural chalk.

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