What Jobs Can Civil Engineers Do

What Jobs Can Civil Engineers Do

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The job title Civil Engineer is a broad term. People that are civil engineers actually do many different jobs. In most states using the title "engineer" actually requires passing a professional engineering test. Engineers typically must work under the supervision of another professional engineer for at least four years, in addition to having a college degree in an engineering field. Here are some of the different jobs that people trained as civil engineers perform.

Civil Engineers have many different jobs

Transportation Engineer

The title transportation engineer is also a broad term. Transportation engineers perform a variety of tasks which focus on roads and highways. Roadway pavement design, road geometric design, and road safety analysis and design are tasks a transportation engineer performs. Transportation engineers also work to lower the delay time motorist experience while driving.

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical engineering is another subset of civil engineering Geotechnical engineers are responsible for design of soil and rock on projects. This is a big responsibility because soil problems are one of the leading issues with construction injuries and cost overruns on projects. Some of the tasks geotechnical engineers perform are foundation design, landslide and rock-fall repairs, underground mine engineering and repair, bedrock analysis, retaining wall design and pavement subgrade design.

Structural Engineer

Structural engineers are experts with designing building frames, bridges ships, and retaining walls. A structural engineer is good at designing most things that are made from concrete and steel. There is a specialty group of structural engineers that concentrate on one type of structure, bridges. These engineers consider themselves bridge engineers.

Drainage Engineer

This type of civil engineer is an expert in designing parking lots, roads and land against the water from rain and snow. Today drainage engineers also must protect the water quality at the storm runoff by limiting soil disturbance of the water flow.

Traffic Engineer

This type of civil engineer is an expert in car and truck traffic, traffic signals, street signs and intersections. The traffic engineer's job is to make roads safer for the traveling public.

Sanitary Engineer

Sanitary engineers design or maintain municipal and private waste treatment systems. The function of the treatment systems is to treat wastewater and convert waste to water that is clean enough to release to natural rivers, lakes or oceans.

Construction Engineer

Construction engineers are responsible for making sure the project is built according to the design. Construction engineers have the expertise to avoid safety issues and make design changes in the field.

Water Supply Engineers

Civil engineers who work specifically on designing public or private water treatment facilities are water supply engineers. This type of engineer may work directly for the water company or city or they may work for a design consulting company.

City or Municipal Engineer

Civil engineers serve a city, town or village as an engineer are known as municipal engineers. These positions are typically administrative but engineering knowledge helps them do their job.

County Engineer

Typically, county engineers are elected into position by voters. Most areas of the US require County engineers to be both a registered professional engineer and a licensed surveyor They use their expertise to maintain county roads, bridges, damns and other public properties owned by the county.

Business Owner

Many civil engineers who work as a consultant have a goal of becoming a partner or business owner of a consulting company. Traditionally business owners have years of experience and have build up many professional contacts to help them gain contracts.

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