Science and Engineering Careers
science careers

Kids who are interested in Science and STEM subjects have many career opportunities in the future.

Jobs in science and STEM-related fields are always in demand. Many science and engineering jobs also pay very well. Find out more about some specific engineering and science careers.

Not only are engineering jobs in demand, with new technology advancements in almost every area of business, education and society, there are so many opportunities for kids who are interested in STEM subjects. For example, FINTECH is a area of business that did not exist ten years ago. Now Financial Tech is an area where Banks and Investment companies are actively recruiting programmers and people who are very good in math. Why? To create models and Artificial Intelligence to predict and react to very complex variables in the economy.

Science Careers

What is Mechcanical Engineering

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What is Computer Engineering

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What is a Civil Engineer

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Tips to Help Your Child Excel in Science

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