Facts about Stink Bugs

Facts about Stink Bugs

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facts about stink bugs

Stink Bug Facts

  • Stink bugs are insects.

  • Stink bugs are a type of insect called a true bug.

  • Some people call stink bugs shield bugs because from the top the shape of a stink bug looks like a shield.

  • There are over 5000 different types of stink bugs.

  • Stink bugs actually stink. To protect themselves, stink bugs release a liquid that smells. Some animals also do not like the taste of stink bugs because of the smelly liquid.

  • Stink bugs eat the juices form many things like plants, fruits, soybeans, tomatoes, bugs, caterpillars and some even the juices of other stink bugs.

  • Stink bugs are born from an egg.

  • Stink bugs go through 3 stages of development as they grow. The egg is first. Second is a smaller bug called a nymph. Then they become a full-size stink bug. It takes about a month from when a nymph hatches until it becomes a full-size stink bug.

Parts of a Stink Bug

  • Like most bugs, stink bugs have 3 main parts including the head (top), thorax (middle) and abdomen (bottom).

  • A stink bug breaths through spiracles, which are tiny holes in their abdomen.

  • Their abdomen also includes the stink bug's digestive system and reproductive system.

  • Stink bugs have 6 legs.

  • Stink bugs have two sets of wings.

  • Stink bugs have two large compound eyes on their head.

  • Stink bugs have two antenna on their head, near their eyes. Their atennae have touch sensing cells and smell sensing cells.

  • They also have a long tube attached to their head known as the rostrum. A stink bug uses its rostrum to replace a mouth. The rostrum has 4 sharp needles on the tip. They use the rostrum to suck the juice out of plants or other bugs. When not in use, the rostrum tucks under their body.

  • Stink bugs do not have moving mouth parts.

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