Facts about Praying Mantis

Facts about Praying Mantis

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praying mantis facts

Facts about the Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis Facts

  • Praying mantis are insects.

  • Praying mantis have 3 main body parts similar to other insects. These body parts include the head, thorax and abdomen.

  • Praying mantis have 6 legs, including their distinctive two thicker front legs that appear like they are praying. They use their front legs to hold onto their prey after they catch them.

  • Praying mantis are a type of insect called a Mantis.

  • Praying mantis are born from an egg.

  • Praying mantis have a unique long body with a hard exoskeleton. Their exoskeleton has colors and features that look like the plants where the praying mantis lives. Sometimes their exoskeleton looks almost identical to plant leaves or flower petals.

  • Praying mantis hiding in plant

    This praying mantis looks similar to the plants it lives in

  • Praying mantis have a unique head. They have the ability to turn their head up to 180 degrees. Praying mantis are the only known insect to be able to turn their head this way.

  • A praying mantis has a compound eye. Their compound eye has hundreds of lenses. Each lens is like its own video camera helping the mantis see its surroundings. Praying mantis also have 3 simple eyes, located at the front of their head, near their attennae.

  • Full-grown praying mantis live in a small area their entire life. This may include only 1 or two plants or a tree.

  • Praying mantis blend in with their surroundings. Prey will crawl right up to this predator. Praying mantis grab their prey extremely quickly and hold their prey with their front two legs.

  • Farmers, orchard owners and gardeners love praying mantis. Praying mantis eat a large amount of pest bugs every day without harming the plants they live around.

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