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Facts About Seahorse for Kids

Learn about the Seahorse

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A seahorse is a unique fish that mainly lives in coastal areas of oceans and seas. Sea horse are more frequently found in warmer waters, but are sometimes found in colder waters such as the north Atlantic ocean, near the United Kingdom. Find out some interesting facts about sea horse.

seahorse facts for kids

Seahorse have unique tails they can wrap around things to hold themselves or around other seahorse

Seahorse Facts

  • A seahorse is a fish.

  • There are over 50 seahorse species.

  • Seahorse have a backbone, but no ribs, instead they have rings that go all the way down into their tail.

  • Sea horses have 3 main fins to help them swim and steer. They are one fin on their back and one small fin on each side of their head. Seahorse also have a 4th fin under their belly for stability control. Their fins help them stabilize their body in the water.

  • Seahorse move their fins very quickly similar to a hummingbird, but they are not fast swimmers.

  • A seahorse can use their tail to grasp objects.

  • Seahorses have necks, which most fish do not.

  • A seahorse has gills like other fish.

  • A seahorse does not have scales like most fish. Instead seahorse have skin.

  • Seahorse hatch from eggs

  • Seahorse live in three main places, including underwater sea grass beds, mangrove tree roots and coral reefs.

  • A seahorse lives mostly alone, not in schools with other seahorses.

  • Sea horses have a very small area they live in most of their lives. Male seahorse spend their lives in a area about the size of a teacher's desk (0.5 square meters)

  • A seahorse has good eyesight, which helps them find food and protect themselves from preditors.

  • Seahorse eat baby fish or tiny shrimp.

  • Seahorse do not have a stomach so they must eat ofter

  • Seahorse must be careful, crabs, rays, sharks and birds eat seahorse.

  • Many seahorse can change color to hide from predators.

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