Facts about Wolverines

Facts about Wolverines

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wolverine facts

Wolverine Facts

Facts about Wolverines

  • Wolverines live in northern climates, where there is snow much of the year.

  • Michigan wolverine animal

    Wolverines live in cold Northern climates

  • There are two types of wolverines including the European Wolverine and the North American Wolverine.

  • Wolverines are only found in nature on three continents including North America, Europe, and Asia.

  • Wolverines are mammals.

  • Wolverines are carnivores, meaning they eat meat to survive.

  • Wolverines are very ferocious animals.

  • Hunting is not the best skill of a wolverine. They gather a portion of their food, by scaring away other predators from their food they caught.

  • Wolverines are known to eat rodents, birds, frogs, and larger mammals such as caribou that become trapped in deep snow.

  • Wolverines can live a relatively long time for a small mammal. Wolverines who lived in zoos are known to survive for 20 years.

What Wolverines Look Like

  • They are the largest type of weasel.

  • Wolverines do not look like a weasel, they look more like a badger or a small bear.

  • Wolverines have thick fur to help them survive in extremely cold temperatures. Trappers and fur traders have caught wolverines for many years because their fur contains no moisture, so it will not freeze.

  • Counting their tale, male wolverines grow to a length of over 4 feet (1.2 meters) long. Female wolverines grow slightly smaller.

  • Wolverines grow to a weight of over 60 pounds (30 kg).

  • Their fur is usually brown or reddish-brown with highlights of yellow, white, tan and black.

  • Wolverines have large paws, relative to the size of their body. This helps them walk through deep snow.

  • They also have fur on their feet to help them keep their feet from freezing.

  • Wolverines have good hearing and eyesight. They are known to do most of their hunting at night.

  • Wolverines have extremely strong teeth and jaws. They are known to be able to bite through bones.

  • Wolverines have extremely strong teeth

    Wolverines have extremely strong teeth

  • Wolverines are very strong for their size. They are known to be able to pull animal carcasses larger than their own body weight.

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