Facts about Squirrels

Facts about Squirrels

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squirrel facts

Squirrel Facts

Facts about Squirrels

  • Squirrels are a small type of mammal.

  • Squirrels have four legs and a long tail.

  • There are more than 265 species of squirrels in the world.

  • Squirrels are found in nature in all continents except Antartica and Australia.

  • There are two general types of squirrels based on where they live including tree squirrels and ground squirrels. Tree squirrels generally have larger tails that ground squirrels, which help them with balance when they climb in trees.

  • Tree squirrels live in and around trees. This includes flying squirrels. Ground squirrels live on the ground level surviving by digging tunnels underground.

  • ground squirrel facts

    Ground squirrels have powerful front claws to help them dig underground

  • There are actually 44 species of flying squirrels, they do not actually fly they just glide. Bats are the only type of mammal that can fly..

  • A flying squirrel can glide up to 295 feet. Not many people see flying squirrels because they are mostly only awake at night.

  • Squirrels have amazing eyesight.

  • Squirrels have four toes in the front feet and five toes in the back feet.

  • Squirrels can run up to speed to about 20 mph.

  • Baby squirrels are born blind.

  • The predator of a squirrel is a hawk, owls, Fox, raccoons, and snakes. Domestic cats and dogs are also predators of the squirrel.

  • Squirrels are omnivores. Omnivores are animals that eat both plants and animals.

  • Squirrels are known for eating nuts. Other animals or squirrels may try to steal their nuts. Sometimes squirrels will pretend to bury a nut in the ground to try to trick other animals.

  • Squirrels also help plant trees. Some of the nuts that squirrels bury do not get dug up and later grow into trees.

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