Facts about Evergreen Trees

Evergreen Tree Facts

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Evergreen Tree Facts

Pine trees are evergreen trees, but you may be surprised other types of trees that are also evergreens.

  • Evergreen trees are year-round trees meaning they keep their leaves all year.

  • Not just pine trees are evergreen trees. Any plant that keeps its leaves all season long is classified as an evergreen

  • Thousands of different species of trees are considered evergreens

  • Some species of evergreens are fir, holly, redwood, pine, laurel, juniper, hemlock, and palm trees.

  • There is no specific color of an evergreen. For example a palm tree typically has a brown trunk with green palms. A Blue Spuce, which is also a evergreen tree, has a brown trunk as well, but has silver-blue needles.

  • Evergreen trees live on every continent except Antarctica.

  • It is a popular belief that evergreens live best in cooler forests but they can thrive anywhere

  • Some specific evergreens are able to survive in drought conditions.

  • Regions that lack a dry season have broad-leaf evergreen forests.

  • The majority of tropical plants are evergreens. Rainforest evergreens need constant warm temperatures to survive.

  • Douglas Fir, Blue Spruce, White Spruce and Eastern White Pine are just a few types of evergreen trees that people choose each year for a Christmas tree. About 1,000,000 acres of the United States is covered in farmed Christmas trees. Christmas tree farms plant two or three seedlings to take the place of every Christmas tree harvested.

  • Evergreens provide medical ingredients, lumber, firewood, and even food so, they are considered valuable resources to humans.

  • evergreen - giant sequoia

    The Giant Sequoia is an evergreen tree.

  • The largest trees in the world are redwood trees (Giant Sequoias) which can grow over 115 meters (380 0 feet) tall.

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