chemistry toys for kids

Chemistry Gifts for Kids

Chemistry Toys for Kids

Chemistry toys for kids are a classic educational gift to help kids learn about science. The cost of science toys has never been better. A good quality microscope and gifts that provide all the supplies needed to perform chemistry experiments are available at good prices.

Mind Blowing Science

A nice overall beginners set to help get kids introduced to science experiments. The experiments are simple, but are fun to see in action. This is a good set if you do not know what specialty area of science they are interested in learning about.

Sci-Fi Slime Kit

Make some awesome slime that changes color and does other surprising things, while learning something about chemistry.

Test Tube Discoveries

A nice batch of chemistry experiments that come with the supplies, test tubes and instructions for some easy science fun. These chemistry experiments will spark a chemistry interest with any kid.

Primary Science Set

Introduce kids to the world of chemistry with this easy to use scientific experimentation kit. This set is very well made, perfect for early elementary school age kids. It comes with a series of laminated cards that describe each experiment.

Chem C3000

This is the ultimate chemistry science kit available for kids with 333 experiments included. This kit includes glass graduated beakers, test tubes, real chemicals, and a burner set-up with a 192 page manual. It is intended for kids 12 and up and perfect for kids who are serious about chemistry.

Duo Scope Microscope

My First Duo Microscope features 10x magnification of solid objects and up to 400x magnification of slides. This is a decent quality microscope at a really low cost. A microscope like this can open up the world of chemistry to kids. Kids can see a microscopic world they never knew existed.

Chemistry Molecular Model Student Set

A molecular model is a great way to visualize the organic chemistry structure. For kids who learn visually, a molecular model set will help them understand the chemical structure of different materials.

The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab

This chemistry kit features over 50 experiments that focus on testing or making materials. The experiments each have a detailed description and a list of items needed to perform the experiment. For kids who like to help in the kitchen, this set offers a good segway to have them learn something about science. Great set for kids who like the Magic School Bus Series.

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