Fun Facts About Animals

Fun Animal Facts

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facts about penguins

Moose can swim a surprisingly long distance

Here are some fun facts about animals to help you learn something surprising and new about animals. Some animals have amazing abilities that are far more advanced than humans. Learn more about their abilities with these fun animal facts.

Fun Facts About Animals

  • Moose Biathlete

    Moose would perform well in a biathlon. Moose can run up to 35 miles per hour (56 km per hour). Moose are also great swimmers. Moose are able to swim a distance of 10 miles (16 km)!

  • Loud Whales

    Whales are not only the largest animals they are also the loudest animals. Even though our ears cannot hear some of the lowest sounds whales make, whales have been measured as high as 188 decibels. This helps whales hear each other at a distance of up to 500 miles (805 km) away!

  • facts about granite

    The saltwater crocodile has the most powerful bite of any animal.

  • Smart Wolves

    Wolves are extremely smart. They are the most intelligent predators. Scientists believe that wolves are up to 10 times more intelligent than the smartest dogs.

  • Most Powerful Bite

    Saltwater crocodiles have an incredible bite force of over 7500 psi (51,700 kPa). This pressure is almost twice as much force needed to crush concrete!

  • Which Animal Kills the Most People?

    Many people believe snakes kill the most people each year. Actually, mosquitoes kill over a million people each year. People die when they get a disease called malaria after being bitten by a mosquito. The mosquito transfers parasites to people when they are bitten. 90 percent of Malaria deaths occur in Africa where one child dies every minute from the disease.

  • Weird Teeth

    The squirrel has front teeth that do not stop growing during their lifetime. They must consistently eat nuts and other hard foods that help wear down their teeth. If a squirrel only eats soft foods their teeth will grow too long and they will no longer be able to eat on their own.

  • Tired Tooth Fairy

    Predator sharks like the Great White shark have multiple rows of teeth and have the ability to grow new teeth. In fact, new teeth are grown constantly. When a row of teeth is old, a new row of teeth is already grown, taking the place of the old teeth. Some sharks growth 20,000-30,000 teeth during their lifetime. This would make a very tired tooth fairy in shark-land.

  • Famous Voice

    The Lucas Arts team needed a unique sound for character called Chewbacca in their Star Wars movie. They chose the camel as the voice of Chewbacca.

  • Daring Divers

    Scientists estimate that over 90 percent of the fish that travel through the Niagara River, falling over Niagara Falls survive. Fish which do not survive likely go over the American Falls where there are some large boulders near the bottom.

  • bar-headed goose

    The bar-headed goose can be recognized by it's black bars markings

  • Highest Flights

    Scientists have identified Bar-Headed Geese as the animal who can fly at the highest altitude. These Geese have developed a unique efficient use of oxygen to be able to fly over the Himalayan Mountains, which is their yearly migration route.

  • Living in the Deep

    Most animals live near the surface because they rely on sunlight and oxygen. It was previously believed that multi-cell animals could not live at extreme depths below the ground. Scientists however discovered roundworms at depths of over 1 mile below the ground surface. These previously unknown species were dubbed devil worms. Scientists now believe that these roundworms may even live deeper, perhaps even under the deepest parts of the ocean.

  • Animal who earned the most money

    There are quite a few animal actors and race horses who earned more than many people earn in their lifetime. A mixed-breed dog named Higgins, stared in the Benji movies and TV shows, is estimated to have earned the most money during her lifetime.

  • Longest Spitting Animal

    There are several animals that are capable of projectile spitting, the Spitting Cobra and the llama. The animal that can spit the furthest, however, is the camel. Some say that camels can split up to a distance of 100 feet (over 30 meters), but camels can easily spit 20 feet.

  • King of Poop

    Which animal poops the most every day? The title of king of poop goes to the hippopotamus. The hippopotamus produces up to an estimated 300 to 400 pounds (135 to 180 kilograms) each day. This is 55 to 73 tons of hippo pooh each year. Holy Fertilizer Batman!

  • hippo poop

    The hippo poops a lot every day!

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