Facts about Snails

Facts about Snails

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facts about snails

Snails are one of the slowest animals

Facts about Snails

  • Snails are an invertebrate, which means they do not have a backbone. Instead, snails can change the shape of their body to safely fit inside their shell.

  • A snail shell is made of calcium carbonate, similar to a seashell. Snails grow the size of their shell throughout their life.

  • There are thousands of different snail species. Some live on land and some snails live in the water.

  • sea snail

    This type of sea snail lives in the ocean.

  • Most snails can see, although their vision is not very good. Instead snails use tentacles on their head to take in information about their environment. Land snails have two sets of tentacles and water snails have only one set of tentacles.

  • snail tentacles

    This garden snail has two sets of tentacles. Its eyes are located on the top set of tentacles.

  • Depending on the species and their habitat, snails can have lungs or gills.

  • Snails have a brain.

  • Snails have a circulatory system with a heart.

  • Common garden snails can have up to 14,175 teeth which are all located on their tongue. They use their teeth to rip apart their food.

  • Snails cannot hear.

  • Snails do not make any sound that our ears can hear without magnifying the sound.

  • Scientists belive snails communicate with each other through their slime they leave behind and using the tenticles on their head.

  • Animals that are snail like but don't have a shell are called slugs.

  • The snail is one of the slowest creatures on earth.

  • The top speed of a common garden snail is 50 yd./h

  • Snails are more active at night because they are nocturnal animals.

  • Snail slime is used in some beauty products.

  • Because the slime that snails bodies produce is so thick they can crawl across sharp rocks and other objects and even the edge of a razor and not get hurt.

  • Depending on the species of the snail they can live between 5 and 25 years.

  • Parasites that some snails carry can transmit dangerous diseases to humans.

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