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Dinosaur Science Toys

Dinosaurs are a great place for kids to start learning about science. Kids are fascinated with dinosaurs because of their size and mystery. Boys age 3 to about 9 are particularly intrigued with dinosaurs. There are many areas of science including paleontology, biology, earth science and chemistry which help to solve some of the mysteries behind dinosaurs. These are some of the best available dinosaur sets that kids can start to learn an area of science.

Scientific Explorer My First Dinosaur Science Kit

Preschool kids and early elementary school age kids love dinosaurs. This kit teaches kids about the science of paleontology. This scientific kit keeps kids interested and busy while they pretend to be paleontologists trying to discover dinosaur bones. The pretend dinosaur bones are coated in a soft "rock" material that kids can easily remove to uncover the hidden dinosaur bones.

Age 4+

Neat-Oh! ZipBin Dinosaur Medium Play Set

This toy dinosaur carrying case is one of the best selling toys for preschool kids. The case opens up to become a great dinosaur play mat. The set only comes with a few dinosaurs, but more can be easily purchased to go along with this quality dinosaur play set. It is a nice set to keep all their dinosaurs, take it on the go and set it up anywhere to play.

Age 3+

Assorted Dinosaur Fossils

This kit includes 12 assorted dinosaur toys that look like fossil skeletons of the dinosaurs. The fossil toys are about 5" to 6" tall. The company does not guarantee that you will not receive duplicate dinosaurs, but it is a good price for 12 dinosaur toys.

Age 3+

Dinosaur Extinction Board Game

This game has won many awards, based on its game-play and educational merits. In this game, players try to survive without becoming extinct. It is not a dinosaur trivia game, but players can learn some new things about dinosaurs when they play.

Age 6+

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Dinosaurs Classroom Edition

The classroom edition video features Bill Nye and Dinosaurs. The Science Guy explains about dinosaurs while they were alive and where dinosaurs are now.

Age 5+

Dinosaur Digging Kit

This dinosaur digging kit features toy paleontology toys and "real" dinosaur fossils. The three fossils are a dinosaur tooth, dinosaur bone and petrified dinosaur poo. Kids will love the last fossil.

Age 6+

Cruncher Prehistoric Dinosaur Pet

Today's technology allow kids to now have their own dinosaur pet. Part robot, part dinosaur pet, Cruncher is able to come when called, fetch and even dance. The dinosaur pet has over 200 actions and sounds. Up to 30 different actions can be programmed at once for replay. This kit offers a fun way for kids to get interested in dinosaurs, but they might also become interested in robotics along the way.

Age 6+

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