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Biology Toys and Gifts for Kids

There are some very good biology science kits available for kids. There are kits to study bugs, prehistoric animals, human anatomy and more. Biology science kits provide kids with tools to help understand the biological world and to provide them with the science behind what they are observing.

Live Butterfly Garden

Kids are drawn to the development of butterflies. This kit can be used to observe the metamorphasis of a caterpillar to a chrysalis to a butterfly. The kit includes a certificate to mail in for 5 caterpillars with a special container and food. A $5 fee is charged to ship the caterpillar. This is a very good introduction to the insect world.

Age 6+

Duo Scope Microscope

My First Duo Microscope features 10x magnification of solid objects and up to 400x magnification of slides. Magnification is made using good quality glass optics, so this toy is closer to a real laboratory instrument than the low cost indicates. Microscopes are great for teaching kids about all of the science around them that is too small to normally see.

Age 6+

Agar Plates to Study Bacteria & Germs

A great way to study germs and bacteria is to swab some samples from kids hands, desks, fingernails and other places kids think are clean. This kit allows you to grow the bacteria for 3 days and then look at the growth which helps teach kids about germs. This set contains 10 pre-poured Agar plates and sterilized swabs.

Age 6+

Celestron 5 MP InfiniView LCD Digital Microscope

New flat-screen technology has spilled over into other products. This microscope has a convenient LCD monitor to display objects under the microscope. This microscope does not have the extremely high-end magnification to see bacteria, but for looking a everyday items in much more detail, it is perfect. It is also great for a large group because kids do not need to take turns one-by-one to take a look.

Age 8+

The Science of Disney Imagineering Animal Adaptations: Communication

Disney Imagineering created a little-known, but very good series of science videos called the Science of Disney Imagineering. Each video teaches kids about a specific area of science by using how the science was used in one of the Disney Parks. These videos are great if you are planning a trip to Disney World or Disneyland or have just went on a vacation there. This video focuses on how animals communicate. It is a well made video that describes how different animals are able to communicate, even in difficult conditions.

Age 5+

Magic School Bus - Human Body

This hands-on scientific kit from the very popular Magic School Bus series provides a good way to teach kids about how the human body works in a fun way. The set includes a life-size poster of the human body and activities to help kids learn about how it works.

Insect Lore Ladybug Land

Preschool kids are very interested in insects. The ladybug is one of the best insects to use to allow them to discover more about these tiny creatures, since most kids will have interest, even the kids who are scared of bugs. The Ladybug Land habitat gives parents or teachers a safe place to keep the ladybugs so kids can study them.

Age 4+

Insect Lore - Ladybug Lifecycle

These models from Insect Lore teach kids about the life cycle of a ladybug. This set offers a good compliment to the Ladybug Land set, which provides a good place to keep live ladybugs. The life cycle models help kids understand how the ladybugs develop so they can try to find ladybugs in various life cycle stages. This is a good biology observational experiment for kids.

Age 4+

Fascinations AntWorks Illuminated Blue

With this set kids can learn how ants create habitat. It is another excellent look into the insect world. New LED technology allows children to see the ants homes in better detail. The blue material is also their food so you can easily see the ants in action. Great for a classroom. Keep it stored in a place where kids cannot access it when not using the toy because the lid can be lifted up to allow the ants to get out.

Age 3+

SmartLab Toys Squishy Science

This very cool set, which teaches kids about the human body, is also one of the top selling science sets on Amazon. Sometimes it takes tools that wow kids to get them interested in exploring more about science. Teaching about the human body can be a bit boring, but this set certainly adds entertainment. Squishy science comes with the squishy model and a set of cards with lots of good activities.

Age 8+

Dinosaur Digging Kit

Palaeontology is a specialized study within biology. This dinosaur digging kit features toy palaeontology toys and "real" dinosaur fossils. The three fossils are a dinosaur tooth, dinosaur bone and petrified dinosaur poo. Kids get a kick out of the third fossil.

Age 6+

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