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Astronomy and Space Toys and Gifts for Kids

Toys to Learn about Space and Astronomy

From traditional telescopes to new technology, these astronomy and space toys for kids are some of the best available.

50 mm Refractor Telescope

The TwinStar AstroMark 50mm 75x Power Refractor Telescope has everything for a beginner to start exploring the night sky. It features easy set-up and includes a tripod. This telescope comes with two eyepieces including 30x and 75x magnification with a 600mm focal length which is good enough to see craters on the moon or the rings of Saturn from a good observation point.

Age 8+

Uncle Milton Moon in my room

This award winning toy from Uncle Milton teaches kids about the moon. It is a remote controlled 3D model of the moon that is able to show the phases of the moon. It also includes audio to describe details about the moon. It is perfect for a kids' room who has a space-themed bedroom or who just enjoys cool toys.

Age 6+

Ultra Stomp Rocket

Scientists have developed amazing rockets to travel to space. Kids can start to experiment with their own rocket. Using their own leg power, kids create the air force needed to launch the stomp rocket up to 200 feet into the sky.

Age 8+

Celestron Computerized Telescope

This computerized telescope from Celestron has the SkyAlign control system to help astronomers find over 4,000 objects in the NexStar database. The moon is used to align the telescope to start finding more object in space. This is not a toy, but more of an amateur astronomer's tool. The Celestron also features improved images with its Newtonian optics which helps improve the amount of visible light and a 114 mm refractor. The improved refractor is better than a 50 mm refractor. This telescope also comes with the SkyX Planetarium software.

Age 10+

Night Sky: The Story of the Stars, Planets, and Constellations

This book provides a great deal of knowledge to kids about the night sky. The planets, sun, and stars are all included. It has quickly become one of the most popular books about astrology for kids.

Age 5+

3D Solar System Kit

This kit includes plastic 3D models of the sun and the planets in our solar system. It is a great way to visually teach kids about the planets and space. This solar system kit would also make a great display for a school presentation about space.

Age 8+

Uncle Milton Star Theater Pro

The Star Theater Pro turns any flat wall surface into a mini-planetarium. It comes with two programs including a starfield and an Earth/Moon/Sun demonstration. It is for kids 6 and up, but could be used for demonstration, if supervised, for younger kids.

Age 6+

The Moon Book

The Moon Book by Gail Gibbons is one of the most popular books about the moon for kids. Kids will learn the moon phases and so much more about the moon.

Age 5+

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