Ocean Life

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Ocean Life Quizzes

Challenge your marine biology knowledge with a fun quiz about ocean life.  Test yourself and learn more about whales, dolphins, sharks, fish, sea turtles, and other ocean life.  Each quiz tracks your score and rates your knowledge of ocean life at the end of the quiz.  The questions and order of the answers change every time.

Ocean Life Facts

Facts About Whales

whale facts

Learn science facts about whales, including the different types of whales.

Facts About Dolphins

dolphin facts

Learn some facts about the curious dolphin.

Facts About Rays

ocean life - ray facts

Learn some interesting facts about stingrays, manta rays and other rays that live in our oceans.

Facts About Sharks

ocean life - shark facts

Learn interesting facts about one of the most feared creatures, the shark.

Facts About Sea Horse

ocean life - sea horse

Learn interesting science facts about the sea horse.

Facts About Sea Turtles

Sea Turtle Facts

Find out about the amazing sea turtle.  Learn about the different sea turtle species and other sea turtle facts.

Facts About Oceans

ocean life facts

Learn science facts about the ocean and life in the ocean.

Ocean Life Fun: Games and Puzzles

Sea Turtle Puzzle Game

Ocean Life - Sea turtle puzzle

Shark Word Search Game

Ocean Life - shark word seach

Learn and reinforce ocean life terms.  This word search game will help kids learn about sharks.

Whale Word Search Game

ocean life - whale word search

Learn types of whales and vocabulary words about whales.

Shark Puzzle Game

ocean life - shark puzzle

The shark is one of the most feared creatures in the oceans.  Find all the shark pieces in this puzzle game.

Jellyfish Puzzle Game

ocean life - jellyfish puzzle

Try a challenging jellyfish puzzle game.