Electricity for Kids

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Electricity for Kids

Electricity is a focus area of science in high school and college, but it is never to early to promote electricity for kids.  Even early elementary kids can benefit and gain excitement by observing and trying some simple electrical science experiments.  This section also contains facts about electricity for kids, electricity games and puzzles, and other science activities to help kids get excited about electricity.  Kids will use electricity their entire lives, help them understand it early so they can improve their lives, and possibly contribute to advancements in this important area of science in the future.

Electricity Quiz

Challenge your electricity knowledge with this fun electricity science quiz.  The quiz tracks your score and rates your knowledge of electricity at the end of the quiz.  The electricity questions and order of the answers change every time.

electricity quiz

Test Your Knowledge of Electricity

Electricity Facts

Facts about Resistors


Learn science facts about resistors and how resistors are used in a circuit.

LED Facts


Learn facts about LEDs and how they are used in a circuit.

Battery Facts

battery facts

Discovery some very interesting science facts about batteries.  Learn about the different types of batteries and more.

Facts about DC Electricity

DC electricity for kids

Learn about the early development of DC electricity as a power supply and see some images of early DC generators.

Facts about Capacitors

Facts about CapacitorsFind out the function of a capacitor in an electrical circuit and other important facts about capacitors.

Power Station Facts

power station facts and statistics

Learn some interesting facts and statistics about the different types of power stations used in the world.

Electricity Fun: Games and Puzzles

Electronics Word Search

Electronics Word SearchFind electronics vocabulary words in this timed word search game.

Solar Energy Puzzle

solar energy puzzle

Online solar energy puzzle.

DC Electricity Word Search

DC electricity word search puzzleDC Electricity vocabulary words in an online word search puzzle.

Energy Word Search

energy word search puzzleEnergy vocabulary word search timed game