Earth Science for Kids

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Earth Science for Kids

Online Earth Science resources for kids.  Take an online Earth science quiz.  Try some Earth science experiments.  Learn some interesting Earth science facts or try a challenging puzzle.  All these resources at are online and completely free to use on our website.

Earth Science Quiz

Challenge your science knowledge with this fun earth science quiz.  The quiz tracks your score and rates your knowledge of earth science at the end of the quiz.  The quiz questions and order of the answers change every time.

Earth Science for Kids Quiz

Earth Science Facts

Facts About Bedrock

facts about bedrock

Learn earth science facts about different types of bedrock.

Facts About Volcanoes

Facts About Volcanoes

Learn some interesting facts about the science of volcanoes.

Facts About Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Facts

Learn interesting scientific facts about one of the great waterfalls in the world, Niagara Falls.

Facts About Oceans

ocean facts

Learn science facts about the world’s oceans.

Facts About the Great Lakes

Facts About the Great Lakes

Learn science facts about the Great Lakes

Weather Facts for Kids

Weather Facts for Kids

Learn some interesting science facts that will help kids learn about weather.

Facts About Crystals

Facts about Crystals

Learn science facts behind the formation and types of crystals.

Facts About Fossils

Facts about Fossils

The Earth’s bedrock is filled with fossils.  Find out more about how fossils are created and other fossil facts.

Earth Science Fun: Games and Puzzles


Volcano Word Search Puzzle

volcano word search game

Learn words about volcanoes with this fun volcano word search game.

Weather Word Search Puzzle

Weather Word Search Puzzle

Learn weather terms with the weather word search puzzle.