Chemistry for Kids

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Chemistry for Kids

Kids can use these online resources at their own pace to learn about chemistry.  There are chemistry facts, games, information, experiments and more available here.  Learn about the Periodic Table of elements.  Try to clean pennies using chemistry.  Use chemistry to learn about food.  Make your own sidewalk chalk.  Find out some history of chemistry.  Learn about important chemistry facts or take a challenging chemistry quiz.  Everything here is free.

Chemistry Quiz

Learn interesting facts and challenge your chemistry knowledge with this fun chemistry science quiz.  The quiz tracks your score and rates your knowledge of chemistry at the end of the quiz.  The questions and order of the answers change every time.

Chemistry Quiz

Chemistry Facts


Facts About Acids


Learn some interesting facts about materials that are considered as acids in the chemical world.

Facts about the Periodic Table

Chemistry for Kids

Learn some kids science facts about the Periodic Table of Elements.

Electricity Fun: Games and Puzzles


Chemistry Word Search

Chemistry Word Search

Find chemistry vocabulary words in this timed online word search game.

History of the Periodic Table of Element

Trace the history of the Periodic table from its first version created by Dmitri Mendeleev to the present day.

periodic table of elements history

How Food is Preserved

Food chemistry for kids – Find out the history of food preservation and how chemistry is used to preserve our food so it does not spoil or make us sick.

How Food is Preserved