science gifts for 8 to 10 year old kids

Science Gifts for 8 to 10 Year Old Kids

8 through 10 year old kids are at a good age to understand more complex science topics. There are some very good science kits available that will both keep kids busy, but also entertain them while they learn about science. These are some of the best science kits available for 8 to 10 year old kids.

Snap Circuits SC-300

The Snap Circuits SC-300 kit allows kids to learn about creating their own circuits without having to use a soldering iron. Snap circuits sets are literally like LEGOs for electronic circuits. The pieces snap together and the set includes easy color coded instructions for each of the 300 electronic projects in this kit.

Squishy Human
Body Kit

Smart Lab You Explore It Human Body. This set offers a wonderful display model for kids to get a hands-on approach to learning about the human body. For kids who are interested in science and one day becoming a doctor, this is the perfect set.

Scientific Explorer Sci-Fi Slime Science

This scientific set offers the coolest slime. Special polymers that come with this kit allow kids to create slime that is magnetic, changes color with temperature, and awesome slime that glows in the dark. This is a great set for getting kids interested in chemistry and science.

Contraption Kit
by Mindware

Kids can build their own contraptions with this kit. KEVA planks allow almost unlimited building choices. This kit includes 200 building planks, the ball and instructions on how to build different designs.

Thames & Kosmos Air + Water Power

This set shows kids how air and water can power different things they build. This helps kids to see the way hydraulics and pneumatics are used in the real world. Includes parts to build a water-jet powered car and hydro-pneumatic car and other fun things. Set includes parts and instructions to build over 15 different models.

Duo Scope Microscope

My First Duo Microscope features 10x magnification of solid objects and up to 400x magnification of slides. Magnification is made using good quality glass optics, so this toy is closer to a real laboratory instrument than the low cost indicates. Microscopes are great for teaching kids about all of the science around them that is too small to normally see.

4M Enviro

Use some unusual materials like a potato, lemon, dirt, saltwater, or other materials to make a LED light up or activiate a music chip. Helps kids to understand alterative ways of powering electronic devices. This set would be a good choice to inspire a science fair project.

Cozmo the Robot

Cozmo is a robot with AI (Artificial Intelligence). Cozmo is part robot, but also has a personality which will try to get you to play with him. It is controlled with a free app that runs on Android or iOS. Cozmo also offers a great way to introduce programming with its Cozmo Python SDK. There is a growing community of young programmers creating new hacks for Cozmo.

K'NEX Education - Intro to Structures: Bridges

Teach kids about structure design theory then let them experiment with this K'Nex Education set. There are computer modeling programs to teach bridge theory, but a hands-on set like this has some advantages. Includes all the parts needed to build many different bridge designs. Almost any type of bridge design (except cable bridges) is possible with this set.

The Science of Disney Imagineering: Energy Classroom Edition

Disney Imagineering created a little-known, but very good series of science videos called the Science of Disney Imagineering. Each video teaches kids about a specific area of science by using how the science was used in one of the Disney Parks. These videos are great if you are planning a trip to Disney World or Disneyland or have just vacationed there. Kids can relate to the rides and experiences at the parks and learn how these experiences were created using science by the Imagineers. This video teaches kids about energy. In the video, park attractions like EPCOT's Test Track are used to demonstrate energy science concepts.

UFO Kids Drone

This 8 rotor kids drone looks like a UFO, which also help make it easy to fly and protects the rotors. The real-time camera on the drone transmits to a phone. This is a good starter drone with some advanced features.

Thames and Kosmos Motors and Generators

8 to 10 year old kids are curious about how things work. Motors are everywhere in our world and the machine that works in reverse of a motor, generators are also important. This set by Thames and Kosmos allows kids to build and test both a motor and a generator. The mechanism has see-through parts so kids can see how it works!

Roominate Deluxe

Developed by two female engineers with a background from CalTech, Stanford and MIT. Roominate is designed specifically to interest girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Girls can design their own houses, with a twist. Roominate feature motors and wiring to allow girls to create technologically advanced houses.

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