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Science Gifts for 6 to 7 Year Old Kids

When kids reach elementary school, subjects like science offer interesting material to help them become more excited about school and learning to read. One of the keys to encourage kids to pursue knowledge is to spark their interest by providing some hands-on activities that are fun. Science gifts are very effective for this purpose.

Live Butterfly Garden

Kids are drawn to the development of butterflies. This kit can be used to observe the metamorphasis of a caterpillar to a chrysalis to a butterfly. The kit includes a certificate to mail in for 5 caterpillars with a special container and food. A $5 fee is charged to ship the caterpillar.

Toysmith Crystal Mining

These real crystals are covered by a rock-like material that kids must mine away to reveal what's underneath. This set keeps kids busy while they learn about geology. There are 8 embedded crystal included with the set, a display case, carrying pouch, plastic magnifying glass and digging tool.

Stomp Rocket Jr

The Stomp Rocket Jr. is on of the best educational toys available for kids. This toy is extremely fun for both kids and their parents. Kids power the rocket by stomping on a foot pedal, which forces air to lauch the rocket into the air.

Volcano Making Set

This is a re-usable volcano kit that is perfect for a errupting volcano experiment. This kit will allow kids to make a scale model volcano. Then use baking soda and vinegar to make a chemical version of lava.

Magic School Bus Flight

A creative kit from the makers of The Magic School Bus that helps to teach kids about flight. Paper airplanes and other paper flying object can be created using the materials provided. The information also helps to teach kids the science behind flying.

Duo Scope Microscope

My First Duo Microscope features 10x magnification of solid objects and up to 400x magnification of slides. Magnification is made using good quality glass optics, so this toy is closer to a real laboratory instrument than the low cost indicates. Microscopes are great for teaching kids about all of the science around them that is too small to normally see.

Agar Plates to Study Bacteria & Germs

A great way to study germs and bacteria is to swab some samples from kids hands, desks, fingernails and other places kids think are clean. This kit allows you to grow the bacteria for 3 days and then look at the growth which helps teach kids about germs. This set contains 10 pre-poured Agar plates and sterilized swabs.

Backyard Field Tools

This set of field tools is designed for kids to use outdoors to explore and discover nature. They can use the backyard field tools to collect samples or investigate a site where they want to learn more.

Tubular Spring Scales (Multiple Springs Available)

Experimentng with springs offers a great way to understand the differences in force. Weight is a force (mass x gravity). These tubular springs allow kids to measure forces. The springs are actually calibrated to a certain range of forces. Each color spring is set up to measure a range of forces. The springs have a clear cover so kids can see how they work. The springs are sold individually and measure forces from 250 grams (2.5 Newtons) to 5000 grams (50 Newtons).

Age 6-12

The Science of Disney Imagineering: Gravity Classroom Edition

Disney Imagineering created a little-known, but very good series of science videos called the Science of Disney Imagineering. Each video teaches kids about a specific area of science by using how the science was used in one of the Disney Parks. These videos are great if you are planning a trip to Disney World or Disneyland or have just vacationed there. Kids can relate to the rides and experiences at the parks and learn how these experiences were created using science by the Imagineers.

Age 5+

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